Before and Aftercare

Before care

Before care is offered from 7:30-8:15am each morning. Children in before care have breakfast (free of charge for all participants) and enjoy lightly structured play. At 8:15am, Breakthrough staff accompany children in before care to their classrooms.


Aftercare is offered from 3:30-6:00pm each afternoon. Aftercare begins with a snack, followed by story/song time. Then, children transition into enrichment classes, special activity or outside time. Finally, there is a period for children to relax, wind down and prepare to go home. Enrichment teachers visit your child's classroom once week from either 4-4:45pm or 4:45-5:30pm.

Please note that unless you inform us that you plan to pick your child up earlier, your child may be at the park as late as 5:30pm. For safety reasons, you cannot pick your child up from the park.

Time Activity
3:30-4:00pm Snack and story/song time
4:00-4:45pm Enrichment classes/Outside time/ Activity
4:45-5:30pm Enrichment classes/Outside time/ Activity
5:30-6:00pm Wrap-up
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sequoia Hip-Hop (4pm) Yoga (4pm)
Willow Hip-Hop (4pm) Yoga (4pm)
Maple Hip-Hop (4:45) Yoga (4:45)
Tulip Poplar Hip-Hop (4:45) Yoga (4:45)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Cherry Blossom Yoga (4pm) Hip-Hop (4pm)
Palm Yoga (4pm) Hip-Hop (4pm)
Magnolia Yoga (4pm) Hip-Hop (4pm)
Gingko Yoga (4pm) Hip-Hop (4pm)
Baobab Yoga (4pm) Hip-Hop (4pm)

2019-20 Before and Aftercare Fees: The cost of before-care is $2.50/day. The cost of aftercare is $16/day. Families pay only for the days their children attend before or aftercare.

There is a 50% sibling discount. This means that if you have multiple children enrolled in aftercare, your family will be charged $16/day for the eldest child and $8/day for their younger siblings.

Financial aid is available for families that qualify. If you would like to apply for financial aid, please contact our Director of Operations, Ms. Kat.

Drop-in and late fees: While we understand life circumstances change unexpectedly, it is important that parents be mindful of Breakthrough's staffing needs and costs. Thus, families will be charged $4.50/day for before-care and $18/day for aftercare for "drop-in" services (participation without advanced notice). Also, please note that aftercare ends at 6:00pm. There is a grace period until 6:10pm. You are considered late starting at 6:11pm and will be charged $1 per minute. Staff leaves at 6:30pm.

Sign-Up: Breakthrough uses a platform called EZ Child Track to manage before and aftercare registration and billing. To register for before and aftercare, please follow this link. Instructions for creating an EZ Child Track account can be found here.

Please enroll your child in aftercare the Thursday before the week you'd like your child to participate. For example, if you would like your child to begin aftercare on Monday, September 9, we ask that you complete enrollment by Thursday, September 5. Throughout the year, if you anticipate using aftercare sporadically, we ask that you always register the Thursday in advance. If unforeseen circumstances arise, and you need your child to participate in aftercare on short notice, please contact Ms. Kat directly.

If you have any questions about EZ Child Track, please contact:

  • Petworth Campus: Ms. Meareg and Ms. Kat

  • Takoma Campus: Ms. Landy and Ms. Kat