Montessori Support Specialist


Reports to: Manager, Student Support Services/Director of Curriculum & Instruction


About Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter School:

Breakthrough Montessori PCS is the newest public Montessori school in Washington, DC. Our mission is to provide families in the district with a fully implemented, public Montessori program for children ages 3 to 13 years that enables them to develop within themselves the power to shape their lives and the world around them.

Grounded in the time-tested Montessori model and fueled by a commitment to early learning and family engagement, our model revolves around the needs of learners at every stage of development. Our focus on early support and intervention enables us to address learning challenges before they become disabilities, and our intensive approach to engaging families and communities fosters support, connection, and life-long learning.

In addition to providing public Montessori education to greater numbers of DC families, we are committed to closing the opportunity gap in the district. By focusing on development, prevention, and engagement, our school breaks through economic and social divides to produce transformative outcomes for all students. At Breakthrough Montessori PCS, students will develop the academic and social skills necessary to excel in their future schools, complete post-secondary education, and build rewarding careers and vocations.

Breakthrough Montessori provides a supportive environment for teachers that includes weekly early-release for PD, summer Montessori institute, professional development opportunities with the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector, and regular observation and coaching.



Position Summary:

The Montessori Support Specialist is a dual role and will work to ensure that all Breakthrough students are receiving a high quality differentiated education that meets their learning needs and goals.  The Montessori Support Specialist will help Breakthrough Montessori staff with special education implementation, crisis intervention, English Language assessment and instruction, data collection and review, and day to day challenges that arise.  (S)he will work in collaboration with the Manager of Student Support Services to ensure timely and accurate service delivery, and attend to all student level crisis using evidence based child centered crisis intervention and mitigation techniques.



  • Special education: case management, schedule IEP meetings, attend IEP meetings, provide specialized instruction services, log services, coordinate with service providers, keep data, develop IEP goals, complete paperwork in SEDS, and liaise with parents for all students with IEPs on your caseload
  • Interventions: design and implement interventions for students who are struggling in reading, math, or in other areas.  Implement interventions written into Child Study plans as needed.
  • Crisis intervention: Immediately attend to all student level crisis and teacher request for assistance.  Participate in the design and implementation of behavior plans for students who are frequently in crisis. 
  • Data collection and review: Collect data for students in the Child Study process or who receive Special Education services.  Support teachers in the collection and analysis of relevant data.  Regularly review data to inform student support (academic, emotional, behavioral, etc.)
  • Training: participate in Montessori, SafetyCare, or other specialized trainings as deemed appropriate for the role
  • Other duties as assigned by school leaders, including substituting and/or covering classes, assisting during arrival and dismissal.
  • Participate in other school functions and activities as requested by the Executive Director


  • Self-starter and self-manager
  • Bachelor‘s degree in applicable field preferred
  • Montessori Primary or Elementary Diploma preferred
  • Interest in learning to use Montessori materials required
  • Experience collaborating and working with classroom teachers and assistants
  • Experience in the field of special education and with academic interventions
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to our vision and mission
  • Creative, energetic and nurturing personality
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience with families from diverse backgrounds
  • Fluency in a language other than English is a plus

Applicants should prepare a cover letter and resume in one document and send it to  Please submit application material as either a Word document or a PDF. References upon request.