Breakthrough Montessori fosters the development of integrative thinkers who see and make connections within and among the disciplines.

Breakthrough Montessori’s program transforms learning by supporting and encouraging self-directed reflection, inquiry, and self-assessment.

Teachers evaluate progress on a daily basis, keeping careful record of lessons presented and skills and concepts mastered. In addition, Montessori teachers compile four observational assessments each year (an assessment accompanies each family-teacher conference with a final assessment provided at the end of the year).


Breakthrough Montessori employs a suite of assessment tools, including:

  • TS GOLD, which assess math and early literacy skills for preschool age students
  • CLASS, which assesses the classroom environment as well as teacher-student interaction
  • The Minnesota Executive Functions Scale (MEFS), which assesses functions such as cognitive flexibility, working memory, inhibitory control, behavior management, and information retention
  • The Developmental Environmental Rating Scale (DERS), which evaluates the quality of the classroom environment
  • The Essential Elements Rubric of Montessori in the Public Sector, which rates schools in five domains: Montessori adults, Montessori learning environments, family engagement, leadership and organizational development, and assessment
  • NWEA -MAP, which assesses math and reading skills for kindergarten age students